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FS5c-013.1 F-09 S1-5002 B2525 PM-18V.2

On this page, we will take a look at the 1883/2 FS5c-013.1 (F-09) shield nickel.  Here is a picture of the date area of a particularly nice example.

FS5c-013.1 Date

Mouse over the image to highlight the overdate

For this variety, the underlying 2 is positioned slightly to the left of the 3.

The die break pictured above is very characteristic of FS5c-013.1, and may be used for diagnostic purposes. However, lack of the die break does not automatically mean that the coin is not FS5c-013.1, because early die stages of the variety do exist (an early die stage coin is pictured below). Conversely, presence of a very similar die break also does not guarantee that the coin is FS5c-013.1 - click here for some further discussion about that.

Here is a series of pictures of FS5c-013.1 showing different die stages. The pictures are ordered by the increasing presence of the characteristic die break.

FS5c-013.1 Photo 1
F-09a (really pre-a, no trace of die crack)
FS5c-013.1 Photo 2 FS5c-013.1 Photo 3
FS5c-013.1 Photo 4 FS5c-013.1 Photo 5
FS5c-013.1 Photo 6 FS5c-013.1 Photo 7


Fletcher die stages are catalogued as follows:


F-09a- No die break (example: first photo above)
F-09a Light die crack. (example: second photo above)
F-09b Die crack progressed to a die break. Crack gradually lengthens and strengthens. (examples: third through seventh photo above)
F-09c Die break progressed to a retained cud. (example: eighth photo above)


For reference, here are pictures of the full obverse and reverse of FS5c-013.1.

FS-5c013.1 Obverse

FS5c-013.1 Reverse



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