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FS5c-013.3 S1-5004

On this page we will examine the FS5c-013.3 shield nickel. This variety is a relatively recent discovery. Since it is fairly similar to FS5c-013, it is possible that coins previously identified as FS5c-013 are really FS5c-013.3. Here is a photo of the date area of a nice example of FS5c-013.3.

FS5c-013.3 Date

Mouse over the image to highlight the overdate

The variety is particularly difficult to capture in a photograph, because the relief of the overdate is lower than the other varieties. If you look hard, you can see nearly the entire underlying 2 in the photo above. The left base of the 2 is slightly left of the middle of the space between the second 8 and the 3.

Because of the similarities between FS5c-013.3 and FS5c-013, the two varieties will be compared on this page to assist the reader in properly attributing them.

Here are pictures of an FS5c-013.3 on the left and an FS5c-013 on the right.

FS5c-013.3 CloseUpFS5c-013 CloseUp

Key points to look at when comparing FS5c-013.3 to FS5c-013:

Here is a photo of the overdate (courtesy of Bernie Turner) which does an extremely good job of capturing this overdate.

Date Closeup

Die stages for FS5c-013.3 obverse show some minor increases in light cracks on the obverse.

Die stages for the reverse are as follows:

Early No die break to a light die crack. (example: see first photo below)
Middle Die crack progressed to a die break. (example: see second photo below)
Late Die break progressed to a retained cud. (example photo coming soon)


Early Die Stage Reverse

Middle Die Stage Reverse


When the reverse die break is present it may be diagnostic for FS5c-013.3, but early die stages without the strong die break exist. Additionally, this reverse appears paired with a different obverse which is not an 1883/2, pictured here.

For reference, here are pictures of the full obverse and reverse of FS5c-013.3.

FS5c-013.3 Obverse

FS5c-013.3 Reverse

The full reverse picture shows a middle die stage coin.


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