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I have had numerous requests about using the information in this site and linking to this site. I maintain this site as a free educational resource, but I do retain copyright over all material on this site. I request that you follow these rules when linking to this site or using material from this site:

    1. For educational non-profit purposes and for the personal non-profit use of individual numismatists, permission is granted to link to this site. Please link only to the main page ( - not to subsidiary pages.
    2. Copying any of the material on this web site to another web site is prohibited.
    3. Permission is granted for individual numismatists to make printed copies of the material on this site for their own private use (such as taking to coin shows as a reference) - but such printed copies may not be redistributed.
    4. Permission for redistribution in print form for any purpose (non-profit or for-profit) must be obtained prior to printing.
    5. Unauthorized, for-profit linking or redistribution of any kind is prohibited. NO permission is granted for commercial use, without requested and authorized approval. PLEASE DO NOT USE CONTENT OR LINK TO THIS WEB SITE FROM ANY INTERNET AUCTION WITHOUT FIRST OBTAINING PERMISSION.

If you link to this site under a permitted or authorized use, please do me the courtesy of providing me with credit by name. It's not much typing and I will really appreciate it.

I'm sorry that the above seems to have become necessary. Since this site represents years of study on my part, is a lot of work to maintain, and I don't make any money from it (in fact, it costs me money to host it), I get a little peeved if other people try to exploit it for profit. But I will work with those of you who want to link to this web site from commercial settings (including auctions) provided that in my judgment the link is primarily educational rather than commercial.


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