Shield Nickel Reference Book Errata and Additions

On this page I have collected errata from and additions to reference books that cover shield nickels. If you have errata or additions to contribute, please contact me at the email address at the bottom of this page (next to the copyright).

Cherrypickers' Guide 4th edition, volume 1

FS-001.1 is incorrectly cross-referenced to BR2462 (F-11, not in CPG, is the correct cross-reference)
FS-003.85 is r68.
FS-003.97 cross-references to 1868 F-43.
FS-005.77 doesn't picture the die clash, which is by far more interesting than the RPD.
FS-007 cross-references to 1872 F-121.
FS-008 and FS-008.85 are different die stages of the same variety.
FS-008.7 in CPG4 vol. 1 shows the wrong coin (a close impostor). CPG 3rd edition shows the correct coin.

Cherrypickers' Guide 5th edition, volume 1

FS-05-1869-1305 (old FS-005.6) is incorrectly cross-referenced to F-408. The correct cross-reference is F-409.

Peters and Mohon's Complete Guide to Shield and Liberty Head Nickels

Page 83 (discussion of dies for 1877 proofs) says "Only 1 die used for the obverse." A second die has been located.

FS-012.1/F-05/PM-11.4 photo page 198 is actually of a variety very similar to FS-012.1 that is unlisted elsewhere.

Fletcher's Shield Five Cent Series

1868 F-18 cross-references to 25-O-II.
1868 F-36 cross-references to 12-O-IV.
1868 F-37 cross-references to 34-O-IV.
1868 F-38 and F-34 are different die stages of the same variety (F-38 is much later).
1868 F-39 cross-references to 27-O-II.
1868 F-39 is misnamed as it is an r68.
1868 F-41 cross-references to 29-O-II.
1868 F-43 cross-references to 11-O-IV and FS-003.97.
1868 F-45 cross-references to 43-O-IV.

1868 F-105 Dot in the field below the hook above the second 8 is diagnostic.
1868 F-105 cross-references to 55-O-IV.
1868 F-107 cross-references to 8-O-IV.
1868 F-108 cross-references to 7-O-IV.

1868 NL-1 is r67.
1868 NL-2 is r68.

1869 F-108 is misnamed as it has reverse IIc.
1869 F-303 is misnamed as it has reverse IIc.

1870 F-15 Date is quadruple punched, not triple punched. See the line in the upper left corner of the photo.

1872 F-05 cross-references to 11-O-IV.
1872 F-06 is misnamed as it has obverse C.
1872 F-07 cross-references to 12-O-IV.
1872 F-08 is misnamed as it has obverse C.
1872 F-08 does not cross reference to FS-007 (see 1872 F-121).
1872 F-106 cross-references to 24-O-IV.
1872 F-107 cross-references to 25-O-IV.
1872 F-108 cross-references to 31-O-IV.
1872 F-110 cross-references to 14-O-IV.
1872 F-111 and F-122 are the same variety, and cross-reference to 20-O-IV.
1872 F-112 cross-references to 7-O-IV.
1872 F-113 cross-references to 28-O-IV.
1872 F-114 cross-references to 16-O-IV.
1872 F-116 cross-references to 26-O-IV.
1872 F-117 cross-references to 9-O-IV.
1872 F-118 cross-references to 17-O-IV.
1872 F-119 cross-references to 23-O-IV.
1872 F-120 cross-references to 18-O-IV.
1872 F-121 cross-references to FS-007 and 15-O-IV.
1872 F-122 see F-111 above.
1872 F-123 cross-references to FS-007.1 and 2-O-IV.
1872 F-125 cross-references to 5-O-IV.
1872 F-126 cross-references to 13-O-IV.

1873 F-112 cross-references to 12-O-IV.

1883 F-02 cross-references to Breen 2523.
1883 F-09 cross-references to Breen 2525, not 2523.

Bowers' A Guide Book of Shield and Liberty Nickels

On page 72, the hub pairing chart is wrong for 1867NR proofs (1a/D omitted). For 1868 circulation hub pairings, 1a/D is unnecessarily repeated. The comment next to the superscripted "b" below the table is worded misleadingly; it should read "1870 1b/D pairing is only known as a ...".

Wescott's The United States Nickel Five-Cent Piece

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The Complete Guide to Shield and Liberty Head Nickels by Gloria Peters and Cynthia Mohon, 1995 DLRC Press, Virginia Beach, VA.

A Guide Book of Shield and Liberty Head Nickels by Q. David Bowers, 2006 Whitman Publishing.

The Shield Five Cent Series by Edward L. Fletcher, 1994 Dead End Publishing, Ormond Beach, FL.

The United States Five-Cent Series by Michael Wescott, 1991 Bowers and Merena Galleries Inc., Wolfeboro, NH.

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