Mexican Revolutionary Coinage

Okay, I might as well admit right from the start that this page has absolutely nothing to do with Shield Nickels. But renaming the domain to seemed a little ridiculous. <Grin>

In an effort to both broaden my horizons and avoid being totally pigeonholed as "that shield nickel guy" I recently wandered around a local coin show looking for something new to collect. Mexican Coinage in general caught my eye due to the beauty of the designs, the attraction of collecting something other than U.S. coins, and the overall lower relative cost of collecting compared to the various U.S. series I have previously collected. As I was happily collecting some beautiful pesos and even some Cap & Rays Ocho Reales, I happened upon that backwater of Mexican collecting - Mexican Revolutionary Coinage of 1913 - 1917.

Although that is only five years of history, there is a rather fantastic variety of coinage produced. The coins were frequently produced under very difficult circumstances and chaotic conditions. The coins may appear crude and frequently poorly struck compared to products from an established mint, but I find beauty in them anyway. If you only find beauty in MS-65 coins and above, this is not the website for you.

Being an experienced variety collector of shield nickels, I was attracted to the fact that the Mexican Revolutionary Coinage also has many varieties.

I have noted a lack of good pictures of Mexican Revolutionary Coinage in the available reference books*, and I hope that this website will serve as a repository of better pictures than have previously been available. My eventual hope is that for many varieties you find in the reference books, you will be able to come to this website for a better look at the features the books are describing. The site is designed to be used in conjunction with the reference books, as I do not repeat the attribution information here - this is simply a photographic repository.

I cannot hope to personally acquire anywhere near all of the coins in the reference books. Hence, I hope that I can interest other Mexican Revolutionary Coinage collectors in contributing photos for the site. Please see Contributing Photos if interested.

The photos are organized by Mexican state and area within the state that issued them. Some of the links below are not yet functional (greyed out) because I have not yet found any coins from that area.

State Area Last Updated
Aquascalientes Aquascalientes Feb. 15, 2008
Chihuahua Chihuahua Sep. 28, 2013

Parral Jun. 8, 2008
Durango Cuencame Sep. 26, 2008

City of Durango Dec. 14, 2008
Guanajuato Dolores Hidalgo Apr. 23, 2005
Guerrero Atlixtac Mar. 30, 2008
  Cacahuatepec Sep. 28, 2013

Cacalotepec Sep. 7, 2010

Campo Morado Sep. 23, 2010


State of Guerrero Nov. 19, 2010

Suriana Mar. 21, 2012

Taxco Jun. 21, 2010
Jalisco Guadalajara May 9, 2006
Mexico Amecameca Mar. 30, 2008

Mexico City Apr. 2, 2005

Tenancingo Sep. 28, 2013


Toluca Sep. 26, 2008
Morelos Atlihuayan Jan. 18, 2007
Oaxaca Oaxaca Jan. 29, 2009
Puebla Chiconcuatla Feb. 8, 2007

Tetela del Oro y Ocampo Feb. 7, 2005
Sinaloa Sinaloa Sep. 2, 2008
Zacatecas Concepción del Oro Jan. 18, 2007

Special thanks to the following individuals who have contributed photos to this website:

José Antonio Urban C. (who contributed a number of photos)
Dave Hughes
Steve Huber
Jim Lowe
Angel Smith (who contributed a huge number of photos)

*Reference Books:

Mexican Revolutionary Coinage, Hugh S. Guthrie and Merrill Bothamley. Superior Stamp & Coin Col, Inc. 1976

La Ventana - The Window to the Revolutionary Coinage of Oaxaca 1915, C. "Woody" Woodworth and Joe Flores. Privately printed.

Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901 - Present, Chester L. Krause and Clifford Mishler. Krause Publications Inc. (Note: only a very few pages of this book are relevant, but they can be useful for current pricing.)

The Mexican Revolution Reporter, issue number eighteen (August 1980), monograph on Chihuahua cinco centavos varieties by Verne R. Walrafen.

The Coins of the Mexican Revolution 1910 - 1917, Neil S. Utberg, 1965.

La Revolución Mexicana y Sus Monedas, Carlos Gaytán, 1969.

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