Trial Version

The trial version downloadable from this page has software that is fully functional with no time limits. Certain advanced features of SNV are disabled in the trial version.

The data files (shield nickel variety files) that come with the trial version differ from the final product in two important ways:

SNV is a Java application. This means that prior to installing SNV you must have a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) installed on your computer. Because SNV is a Java application it will run on any computer for which a JRE is available. These include Windows, Mac, and Linux.

For Windows and Linux users, I recommend that you download Sun's JRE from:

Scroll down the page until you find the JRE download - you do not need the full JSE as that is for developers.

For Mac users, a JRE is built into the latest versions of the OS.

Use the following link to download an installer for Windows. If you need Mac or Linux software, please contact the author. Please note, that even though the reduced quality of the JPEG files results in data files perhaps 20% of the size of the real data files that the trial download is still a hefty 9MB. These are detailed photos.

Download trial software

When you click on the above link, your browser should open a window asking you if you want to run the program or save it to disk. Please save it to disk anyplace that you can find it easily. After downloading, simply run the ShieldNickelViewer.exe program that you downloaded (double clicking on the icon is a great way to run the installer). Please review the manual (including the "Installation Readme") if you have any problems. The manual is available on this web site, and it will also be installed with the trial software - run the program and access the manual from the Help menu.


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