1869 Narrow Date S1-0000 F-01 FS-301 (FS-005)

The Best Logotype Variety

1869 narrow date

This 1869 Narrow Date gets the nod for the best logotype variety in the shield nickel series. Not that tough a race - there are only two logotype varieties in the series and the other one gets runner up. All four digits are narrower than the typical 1869.

The variety is well known for a long time and appears in Breen as BR2481. By far the easiest Top 20 shield nickel to find.

1869 wide date For comparison, here is the more usual 1869 wide date. Paired with different reverses this is S2-0000, S3-0000, S4-0000, and S5-0000. Also F-101, F-201, F-301, and F-401. Also FS-308. Also BR 2482.

Note: A lot of the literature calls the narrow date above a "tall date". Narrow dates and tall dates are the same variety, but I think the tall date nomenclature is misleading. The height of the digits in the narrow date is about the same as in the wide date; they just look taller because they are thinner.


Runner Up: 1873 Closed 3 S1-0000 F-01

1873 closed 3

Our runner up variety in the logotype category is the 1873 Closed 3. The 3 in the date is smaller than the other digits and the arms of the 3 nearly touch.

The variety is well known and appears in Breen as BR2493.

1873 open 3

For comparison, here is the more usual 1873 Open 3. S2-0000, F-101, and BR2495.

You may encounter 1873 shield nickels where it is difficult to decide whether they are closed or open 3. This is normal.


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