"DDO Monsters"

Monstrous, wide spread doubled die obverses


D1: 1872 S2-1009 F-124 FS-103 (FS-007.2)

1872 S2-1009

This 1872 features nearly a full separation at the annulet, and the little "devil's horns" of the top of the secondary cross are priceless. Doubling is slightly southwest.

This is the variety featured on the cover of Ed Fletcher's book "The Shield Five Cent Series", and deserves special notoriety just for that.

It was very tough not to include this coin in the Top 20!


D2: 1872 S2-1002 F-116 FS-106 (FS-007.5)

1872 S2-1002
This 1872 shows annulets that barely touch. The doubling is in a southeast direction. Doubled horizontal shield lines are extremely visible.


D3: 1873 (Closed 3) S1-1000 F-05 FS-102 (FS-008.7)

1873 S1-1000
This 1873 shows annulets that barely touch. The doubling is nearly due south. Doubled shield lines are very visible.
1873 S1-1000
The date area of this DDO monster showing a closed 3, and a date shifted to the left.


D4: 1873 (Open 3) S2-1003

1873 S2-1003

Another monster 1873 DDO remarkably similar to the immediately preceding one. So similar, in fact, that the updated picture of FS-008.7 in CPG Fourth Edition Vol. 1 is actually this coin by mistake. The correct coin is pictured in CPG Third Edition.

Die cracks surround the cross on this variety that are not present on the immediately preceding one.

1873 S2-1003

The biggest difference between this variety and the immediately preceding one is that this one is clearly an Open 3. The date on this coin is also well-centered.



D5: 1874 S1-1007 FS-104 (FS-010.6)

1874 S1-1007

This 1874 also shows doubled annulets that barely touch. Doubling is in a southeast direction.


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